Here is a quick look at some of the beautiful places and activities experienced by our inaugural group

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Reviews of Jewelry Adventures Italy -2019

"Jewelry Adventures Italy 2019 by Two Fabulous lived up to the name and was absolutely fabulous!  Everything was of top quality.  The classes were outstanding and came complete with all of the tools and components necessary for the projects.  The directions were easy to follow and the instructors were terrific. One thing that I really appreciated is that we had enough time to complete the projects during class and we could leave wearing our new creation.

The tour was a nice combination of sightseeing, shopping, dining, relaxing and classes.  The tour guides were very knowledgeable and shared a great deal of information. 

Going to Murano on the water taxi to see the artisans at work making the beads was one of my favorite parts of the trip. The artists were happy to share their craft with our group.  The pendant I made with some of the beads from Murano will be an everlasting memento of this incredible adventure.

Both hotels were lovely and had customer oriented staff members.  The meals and the gelatos were delicious and the new friendships are priceless. “
                                 Anne Ryan – Pennsylvania – USA

“REALLY enjoyed the trip to Italy with you and hope to join you in May. Didn't think I would ever learn to knot, but you hung in there with me. You two are so generous with yourselves and your resources.  
…Thank you!!!
Huge hugs!!! “
                         Eleanor Clarkson – Massachusetts - USA

“ Well, here is what I think about my experience in this trip: FABULOUS!!!! 

Of course, like everything in life there were ups and downs. I loved our classes even the one-on-one classes we had at the end…Impressively the piece/class we learned that looked the hardest was actually the easiest and good thing it was the very first workshop.

What amazed me the most were all the swags!!! That truly surprised me and you have no idea how much I’m thankful for.

About the hotels, I was truly surprised with the hotel “boutique” chosen for our trip. The first hotel in Florence was old fashioned but very stylish. Love the ambience to it. I enjoyed as well the staff who were so helpful and pleasant with us…

The in Padova we stayed in a much modern boutique hotel and it was sooooo divine. To be honest, my favorite of the two. All were so pleasant the breakfast was amazing!!! 

Only thing I disliked were the staircase but doable for two floors. 

Meals, what to say? Everything was soooo delicious!!!! Amazingly delicious!!!!

About the other part of this trip, about visits to culture places such as chapels, churches, museums, etc were a huge plus!!! 

Not only are we learning jewelry but visiting great places with beautiful frescos, sculptures, design, etc.

Loved it all!!!! 
Love the whole experience!!! ♥
Thank you very much!!! ♥ “

                Hazel Lima – Vila Praia de Âncora – Portugal